Study treat for the week

In betweens.

I am writing this while on my bus ride home. I am from a straight 32 hour duty but this is one of those rare moments I still seem to have high energy reserve.

Why so?

Maybe it’s because I feel I made something right today. I may have done something small but it felt good.

Your Heart Today

This is one of my favorite songs, one of the prayers that guide me specially with my practice.

“Where there is fear I can allay, where there is pain I can heal, where there are wounds I can bind…”

“And when I’ve done, all that I could…”

First embrace

For some reasons, some words and phrases appeal to my soul more than the others. A few of these include tachycardia (fast heart rate), dropped beat (a type of arrythmia where in a heart beat is lost in between decreasing heart rates), and unang yakap (first embrace). Appeal to my soul I say because I see them more than as exclusively medical textbook terms.  They are poetic for me. I used these terms in my personal writings, such as what would journal turn out to be.

First embrace or Unang Yakap, is actually a call for a better maternal and child care which begins as the child is being born.  I highly appreciate that emphasis is given to maternal safety, comfort during birth and that even at that moment, mother-baby bond is encouraged.  This uninterrupted attachment with the mother after the baby’s first breath is not only medically beneficial but creates a lasting emotional security for both of them.

This site is more of my personal outlet.  I am now a physician and as a pediatric resident, one of the programs that I have been put into is essential newborn care. I am a single mother of a beautiful 4-year old boy.  I express a lot more in writing and though I am doing this more for myself, I feel it wouldn’t help to share it with at least one person who might be able to stumble upon this and find this interesting.   I am sharing my first embraces in my personal life and in my career.