Part of me misses reading writings such as this.  It is one of the things that got me hooked online. I get to read personal diaries. I get to read creative write-ups that come from the heart. I get to read articles without any other influences. Nobody’s caring if it’s Palanca worthy or not. Grammar and syntax not much focused but content does and how it appeals to the soul.

It’s a plus to have close friends who write. It’s a given that we talk differently in writing as well. There’s more freedom to feelto express what is hard to speak of.

I guess, this platform also paved way for me to get to know that one person I can truly be comfortable with. One day, I knew that was the kind of friendship I was looking for.  It was something deep, unexplainable sense of connection. … well, youth. When you are young you have… (insert cliche)

I just can’t let go of this story. I was browsing my other blogs and saw this.

Run, Daddy, Run


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