Sunday off

AFTER 12 DAYS  here, this is my official solitary day off.  My parents dropped by last weekend and as well as last Holiday Thursday (because the kid has been crying and pleading that I go home).  He’s starting to get used to our set-up. Maybe because it’s a happy trip every time they get to visit. The long ride calms and entertain him. There parks/playground to explore around and of course that always makes him ecstatic. It’s also somewhat sweet that he *thinks* he would like to work here. Whenever he goes here, he fixes his bag, puts notebooks and pens then tells Dada to just drop him off because he will go to the office  just like me. 

I’ve been to the Supermall with them. The kid experienced to ride a mini Log Jump including a bit of water splash (hmmm, the idea of E. Coli freaks me a bit but …. eeew-okey). We were also able to purchase one of the toys he wanted that we only thought we could buy abroad (rationale: we give in sometimes and because I personally think, this certain type of toy is worth collecting).

Anyway, the in betweens.


Hospital on a hill

I am on my second day of outside rotation here at  Hospital R. “R” because the location is like a retreat center. The compound is isolated from the progressive city, even unknown to a lot of people from surrounding city.  It’s a specialized center for research that’s why it only caters to specific cases.  It is literally a hospital on a hill. Clean, neat, trees everywhere. People are friendly but as one of the two physicians on the whole hospital say, you’ll most likely find yourself alone most of the time. You will see the patients at the ER and make rounds on the ward by yourself and with a lot of time in between in your hands –

— except in moments like this…. “Pedia po, we have patient at the ER”

Laters, baby.

Batang Aktibo

I’ve spent a few minutes thinking on how to start this entry, but who cares.

It’s just that a couple of days ago somebody reminded me of my journal writing. There were attempts  but I only end up hoarding web addresses and keeping ’em private and unused. I don’t write anymore because on most times, I am doing – work 70%, play and cuddle 20%, study 2%, sleep 8%. (Exagge!) I didn’t actually do the math, but those numbers seem close enough.  Sleep is to be shared with “me time” and “me time” could include playing the piano, playing with beautiful scrap papers, useless internet surfing and people stalking, and this… writing.

(days after beginning this post….)

My son just got through what I thought was a simple community daycare but turned out enough to mold a child like what a private nursery school would give. He loved it there. He love his Teacher L and have a couple of friends. He aced his class without any pressure. At home, I think we were able to instill in him a certain love for learning and sending him to daycare for is only to help him have better social opportunity.  We got more than what we asked for.  Aside from being the first in his class, he also got the special award “Batang Aktibo”.  He deserves it.  If you could just see him perform! He has his own *wigglier* variations of  a1-2-3-kind of interpretative song.