WE HAVE OUR LIMITATIONS. As your doctors, rest assured we are doing our best to serve you. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s all it is. Service. Our knowledge and skills and compassion and care. But we cannot give our own lives to you. We have our family to feed and take care of. We are workers just like you. It is the job of the hospital to provide equipments, laboratory and medications. If the hospital fails to provide, it is your responsibility to look for funds and if not at least look for help. The hospital has social services to help provide for the indigent but has limitations as well. We can sometimes donate but we cannot exhaust our own wallets. 

There’s only so much we can do. Trust me, it frustrates us as much as it frustrates you.

Health “care” itself has no limit but those man-created medical care gadgets have.  The sadder part is that limitations is monetary based which reminds me of another thought.  Those who are truly in need find it hard to “borrow” money but those who have excesses can borrow at whim “millions” of credit.  We know why; it’s because return of investment is more assured from the rich, but still…