Her, 13 Years ago

[Repost some 13 years ago, yup 2004]

My 2nd week in CAMP has passed. So far, no big problem… just yet…

Ngayon lang nagsisink in sakin na PT ang kinuha kong course. Why? The last two years I spent in UP is just like having a two year extension of my highschool years where I just took purely general education subjects (Math, Comm, Basic Sci subjects). Of course it’s also hard but deep inside I know that studying these subjects would not be very useful once I already start my profession.

Ngayon, things are very different. I know everything that will be taught is very important. Now is the true time to say that learning is not just plain memorization, it’s knowing how you could apply all that is taught and knowing how you would relate them with each other.

I am also starting to think of what I’ll do next after I finished my course. Primarily, I took PT as my pre-med course. But now that I am here, I am not sure anymore. I am starting to think that I would like to teach (as a prof). I also would like to take further studies about special children. Even before, I am already interested with dealing with them. I want to know their world. I want to know their hidden talents. I wan’t to help them live as normal as possible…


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