Own space

[Repost November 2006]

As I was sitting on the couch at the coffee shop,
I was imagining I was…

In my dream house
In my spacious “den”
With a wide sliding door leading to the “asutea”
And in which a huge garden/field is just a stare away

Wooden floors, just like the one I have in my room (an old house)
Light colored wood, matte, which allows foot steps to be heard

A side with glass windows, divided into rectangles with frames
With walls in off-white, which give emphasis to light
On a wall hangs a painting of grandpiano floating on clouds
While other walls are plainly sacred.

A black and shiny grand piano stands at the center
A couch lies a few meters away
A table, lampshade,
A cabinet for music sheets and books
And yes a place for other instruments
probably a small stage to host string instruments.

That’s it.
That’s my haven.
That’s where I’ll go when I want to be alone
When I don’t need to care about anything else
Where I don’t need to think
Where I could just feel
Where I could do nothing
But where I could also feel “nothing”
Where I could play music
Where I could play “like nobody’s watching”
play “like nobody’s listening”
Where I am free.

Where I can be completely free.



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