The first day of YOUR life

[Repost. Written  2012 April]

On the 23rd of March, dressed in black gown with green stripes and a (should I say, unexpectedly cool) barrette, we were HOODED. Publicly, we were introduced as WHITE COAT worthy.

It marked the first day of the LIFE we chose. As such, we are welcomed to ANOTHER YEAR of learning, of having a feel of independence while still absorbing as much as we could from our seniors. We are NOBODY’S RESPONSIBILITY anymore. We will work as pseudo-employees without license numbers. Our faults will make or break our still budding careers. This is the critical phase of being unprotected. Mess up and you are on your own to clean your mess. REALLY cool isn’t it?

I’m sounding too negative because I’m scared. I’ve always been scared. Every time I still ask myself , What the hell am I doing? Where the hell am I going?

At that day though, my mind is clouded, my heart hopes but my soul accepts. Whether it’s really the will of my deep persona or some random fate, I’ll just go through with the flow.

Just as always, in moments of SANITY, I decided to just take one cup at a time.


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